September 2014


President’s Report
To the Meeting of the CRA Executive September 24 & 25, 2014

Since my last report in October 2013, the Executive Committee has been busy building a better relationship with CUPE and the staff unions. We met with both National Officers on April 15th to establish a clear understanding of who to contact in CUPE with concerns and/or clarification when issues arise from members. The Executive is encouraged by the improvement in communication following this meeting. We were pleased to receive correspondence from CUPE that they plan to update the CUPE Extended Health Care Benefits booklet (last updated in 2005). This was one of the suggestions we made in our meeting with the National Officers. 

Building relationships with the CUPE staff unions and our members continue to be a priority. It is important to establish strong ties with the Staff Unions as any improvements which affect our members can only be accomplished through negotiations. CSU has invited a retiree Representative to sit on their ad hoc pensions committee. Blair Redlin was recently elected as the Retiree Representative on the CSU Executive. We encourage the other staff unions to consider similar patterns of solidarity and open communications. The CRA, as an organization, represents all retired CUPE staff and Officers.

This past year we have sent out several updates to involve the members as much as possible. We received great feedback from members telling us they were happy with the increased information. The important thing is that the CRA is here to provide assistance and information for retirees.

Several members had problems with extended health benefits plan in the past year. Happily with the assistance of Vice-President Sister Susan Attenborough, the issues were resolved. The extended health benefits plan remains one of our top priorities and must be protected.

Together we have worked hard to make good on our goals set one year ago. The ongoing friendship and support we receive from our members has made this possible. Looking forward to 2015.

Respectfully submitted,

Diana Broadbent


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