October 2015

October 2, 2015

Paul Moist, National President, CUPE
Charles Fleury, National Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE
Peter Paulekat, President, CSU


On August 5th, we sent you a letter asking that you recognize the need for cost of living relief for the 725+ retired CUPE staff and staff union members who have contributed more than 18,000 years (more than 40 million hours) of dedicated work and activism building Canada’s largest union. We also urged the parties to work together so that progress toward indexing of our pension plan could be made in this round of bargaining.

What a disappointment to receive neither an acknowledgement of, nor response to, the very legitimate concerns expressed on behalf of this important segment of CUPE and its staff unions. Fairness and balance are what retirees expect and trust from the Parties engaged in negotiating the collective agreements, collective agreements that cover every single retiree, just as they cover every working staff member.

As bargaining progresses, we must reiterate the urgent need for immediate relief for retirees in this round of bargaining. We strongly urge all Parties to mindfully consider the importance of balancing the needs of working employees and retirees in any proposed settlement.

Another two years without cost of living adjustments would be a most unwelcome message to retirees who will fall yet again, further behind as their standard of living continues to decline.

In solidarity,

Susan Attenborough, President
Barry Thorsteinson, Treasurer
Linda LeGroulx, Secretary              

c.c.        CUPE National Executive Board Members
              CRA Chapter Representatives
              CUPE Retirees
              Steve Smith, President, COPE 419
              Linda Thurston-Neeley, President, CDU
              Pierrette Perras, Treasurer, CEU
              Éris-Zan Zubrzycki, President, UNIFOR 2013
              Linda Duchesne, President, UNIFOR 2013


1375, boul. St. Laurent Blvd. – Ottawa ON K1G 0Z7 – cuperetirees@gmail.com