October 2013


President’s Report
To the Meeting of the CRA Executive October 8 & 9, 2013

Ray Arsenault (Outgoing President) updated the Executive Committee on various outstanding issues facing the CUPE Retirees’ Association.

  1. Pension indexing remains important. We must continue to work to improve our relationship with CUPE and all Staff Unions regarding   this important issue. We  are lucky to have two table officers already involved in pensions and enthusiastic in their representation of us all.
  1. Benefits have been a problem for some of our members in the past and our intervention is required. One case was discussed with Ray which he thinks has been resolved to the members satisfaction.  We also have a representative on the EAP program although there has been no contact with this person for several years by the Association.
  1. Approximately 438 retirees are members of the Association with 680 retired. Together with the Chapter Representatives we hope to improve this number.
  1. After discussing Labourware with Ray and the costs involved each year for this data base program I met with Peter Douglas for an overview and demonstration. Peter then arranged for the rest  of the officers  to use it.  In order to come to a informed decision on the merits of maintaining this contract a further demonstration will be in Ottawa October 8th.
  1. Welcome letter sent to Chapter Representatives September 23rd congratulating everyone on behalf of the Executive Board and thanking them for their hard work.

Respectfully submitted

Diana Broadbent


1375, boul. St. Laurent Blvd. – Ottawa ON K1G 0Z7 – cuperetirees@gmail.com