The CUPE Retirees’ Association (CRA) represents all CUPE retirees.

In order for retirees to receive communications directly from the CRA, nominate candidates, and vote in elections, you must be a dues paying member and have a signed CRA Membership form on file.

With a recent change in privacy legislation, the CUPE National Office can only share contact information with the CRA if the retiree has given his/her permission by way of a signed membership form.

Currently 472 out of 625 CUPE retirees are registered members of the CUPE Retirees’ Association. That means there are 150 CUPE retirees who are not.

Are you one of them?

Why join?

The CUPE Retirees’ Association (CRA) safeguards and advances the economic welfare of its members.

We have retiree representatives on the Employee Assistance Program Committee, and on the Joint Board of Trustees of the CUPE Employee Pension Plan.

The CRA is a voice for retirees with the employer and the staff unions, particularly on issues like pension indexing and extended health benefits.

If you are not yet a registered member, please join us!

Not A Member?

There are two (2) ways to check whether you previously signed an application form for the CUPE Retirees’ Association and are a registered member:

  1. Association members pay dues of $25.00 per year, which is deducted from their January pension cheque each year. Have a look at your January pension cheque stub.
  2. Send an email to the CUPE Retirees’ Association and we’ll let you know whether or not you are a dues paying member.

Just that simple!

Simply download a copy of this form to your desktop, print and complete it.

Mail or email it to the address shown at the bottom of the form.