Indexing Worksheet


Here are some ideas for personalizing your email/letter:

For me, it has been X years with no cost of living adjustment to my pension income.

My pension is not keeping up with rising food and energy costs.  Here is how it affects me:

When I retired in XXXX, it cost $ a year to heat and cool my home.  That was X% of my income then.

Last year, my energy costs were $X. That is now X% of my annual income.  An increase of X% a year.  That increase has to come from somewhere so I spend less on…….(groceries, fresh fruit and vegetables, visits with family, etc.)

Without inflation protection, I have watched the value of my pension reduce year after year.  What would you do in my shoes, Brother?  Where would you cut back?  For me, I had to cut back on…..which made me feel……

When I worked for CUPE, I fought for fair pensions and benefits for CUPE members. (For example…) I am now seeking the same treatment from my employer.  As I understand it, CUPE policy advocates defined benefit, indexed pension plans, what better way to show leadership in CUPE and the movement, than indexing employees’ pensions? 

I know you share my union values that promotes fair pensions for all – it’s time to step up and apply those values to our pensions.

Pensions are complicated, and all of the issues must be weighed carefully. While all parties want to see permanent cost of living increases as an integral part of the CEPP for existing and future retirees, I strongly urge you to consider the impact no cost of living increases for almost a decade, is having on existing retirees.

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