Election update for candidates 2022

Note to candidates

Election update for candidates 2022

Note to Candidates for CSRA/APRS Elections 2022

August 24, 2022

Dear candidates:

Thank you so much for agreeing to stand for one of the board positions of the CSRA/APRS.

We know you are anxious to hear whether you have been acclaimed for the position you agreed to stand for or whether there will be an election for your position.

We regret that there has been a delay in the Election Committee’s work due to personal circumstances. The good news is the Committee will be meeting again the last week of August and will be able to inform you then whether you are acclaimed or if there is an election for your position. We will ensure there is ample time for you to submit your campaign letter before the ballots are circulated. If the election time-lines need to be adjusted by a week or two that information will be included in communication with you next week and with the ballots and campaign flyers being sent out to all members.

Thanks for your understanding and your willingness to serve the members of the CSRA/APRS.

CSRA Executive

Pat, Shelly, Barry, Carole