Collective Agreement Benefits

In the 2013-2015 collective agreement settled in October 2015 , the following two benefit improvements were achieved:

  • Prescription glasses increased to $750;
  • Dental implants increased to 75% coverage.

Additionally, the CUPE Retirees’ Association has been working with the parties to protect the current benefit for out-of-town medical appointments. Green Shield had denied the claim which it had been accepting for years, and planned to restrict the use of personal vehicles for such appointments, which had a profound impact on rural retirees. CUPE has now agreed that personal vehicles may be used when no public transportation is available.

Impact of provincial health plans (fact sheet)

Prescription drug information

When filling your prescription: 'No Charge' is what you should hear!

Brand Name Drugs vs. Generics Our extended health plan covers all drugs prescribed by your medical practitioner and approved by Health Canada. Pharmacies may automatically fill the prescription with generic products, mainly because they are cheaper and because most plans require it. Generally there is little difference between brand name and generic drugs, except for cost. The difference is in the fillers that are used to make the tablets, capsules, whatever.