August 2015


August 5, 2015

Paul Moist, National President, CUPE
Charles Fleury, National Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE
Peter Paulekat, President, CSU
Steve Smith, President, COPE 419
Linda Thurston-Neeley, President, CDU
Pierrette Perras, Treasurer, CEU
Éris-Zan Zubrzycki, President, UNIFOR 2013
Linda Duchesne, President, UNIFOR 2013

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

We are writing to all parties currently in negotiations, to express our members’ concern that indexing of our pension plan be resolved in this round of bargaining.

CUPE retirees have not had a cost of living adjustment for the past seven years. The lack of indexing has deeply impacted retirees and their families. Our purchasing power has diminished by 11 per cent. We pay more of our income now to food, energy, and housing than ever before.

The actuary to the Joint Board of Trustees has confirmed that the surplus in the assets of our plan can afford to pay indexation benefits on a “going concern” basis (i.e. as long as CUPE exists).

We are aware that indexation proposals are on the bargaining agenda. There is no doubt this is a tough bargaining issue, but we are confident that the parties can negotiate a settlement to balance the immediate needs of the CUPE retirees whose income has eroded, current staff planning for their retirements, and younger employees to whom retirement seems far off in the future.

While we will continue to advocate for permanent cost of living increases to be an integral part of the CEPP, we strongly urge the parties to consider the impact of declining spending power on existing retirees and their families, and ensure the contract settlements include some immediate relief.

In solidarity,

Susan Attenborough, President
Barry Thorsteinson, Treasurer
Linda LeGroulx, Secretary

c.c.  CUPE National Executive Board Members
        CRA Chapter Representatives
        CUPE Retirees


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